Fantastic Family Fun Time!

 It was a great Thanksgiving in the Land of Noa with Grammy, Grampy, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Leuisa, Cousin Elecktra, Mommy and Daddy and even Noa’s favorite photograher-friend Talya (otherwise known at the clicking lady)! As you can see, she really enjoyed having her cousin Elecktra around, and Elecktra was very patient with Noa who was often just reaching out and touching her sort of randomly.
In addition to doing some great playing, and having a tremendous amount of fun, Noa also did a great job eating for Grampy and sitting at the table with everyone (though she had usually already had her dinner). She gave Grammy some great hugs, taught everyone how to play her favorite hand games. On Sunday night just before bed she just sort of randomly gave me a big, happy, laughing hug and I couldn’t help but feel like it was in appreciation of the great time she had hanging out with family! 


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