Okay, so it’s been a ridiculous2013-11-17 12.50.48us amount of time since I last posted. This new life of traveling back and forth between NYC and Boston has been even more crazed and time/attention consuming than I’d imagined, but it’s also been very satisfying because Noa has been doing so well and really enjoying herself both at Perkins and at home with us on the weekends. She’s happy to see us, and she’s happy to go back: who could ask for more?

Everyone has been impressed with Noa’s smooth transition to residential life – including us – and Ben and I are enjoying our time up in Boston. Needless to say I have tons of photos and videos waiting to be uploaded onto to the site but I’m going to start with this very entertaining clip of Noa not wanting to walk on the grass.

Sometime this summer, Noa decided she hated to walk on the grass. This was not a huge issue in NYC… but in Boston? We can’t even get to the swings near our place without walking on across a soccer field (which is the location of this particular clip which is from back in October (or early November). She’d doing better with the grass now. If we count the steps she’ll walk them… alternating between counting and saying “finished.”

One thing we find fascinating about this is that Noa will sit in the grass and touch the grass, kneel in the grass (as the photos demonstrate) she just doesn’t want to walk on it, or have her feet on it (even if she is wearing shoes and socks and long pants and the grass can’t touch her). She is very sensitive to what she is walking on, so even if she can’t see the grass and isn’t touching it with any part of her body, she knows she is walking on it.

In any case – enjoy. More to come – soon I hope!

2013-11-17 12.50.45


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