Read with Noa and Daddy!

Okay, this is really exciting!
As many of you know, Noa’s favorite thing about books has always been just turning the pages really fast and enjoying the breeze. We’ve tried with some marginal success to interest her in braille – sometimes she’ll let Melissa do some braille reading with her, but for the most part she didn’t really seem to get that the words we were staying were connected to touching the page.

FYI sidebar – braille kiddie books often come with the braille on clear stickers that are stuck on the pages so non-blind readers can read the book. They say it’s pretty impossible for a non-blind person to learn braille by touch.

BUT all that changed this week.

On a website I found a copy of “Ferndinand the Bull” with braille added. Ben and I both LOVE Ferdinand and actually have copies from our childhood that we’ve read to Noa before (though I can’t say that she showed a special interest in it per se). But when we sat with Noa and read the book, running our fingers over the braille, Noa really caught on! In fact, a few times she has gotten to the end and asked to do it “agin!”

The video is kind of long just so you can see how excited she is with every turn of the page – and how she immediately goes to feel for the braille. She really seems to get that it’s a part of the story. Sitting and reading to her like this is a real treat for all of us. You know, it’s the seemingly little things…


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