Rainy Day Fun Day!

Figured I’d share some photos and videos from our trip to a sensory gym while I update you on events in the land of Noa. This gym is nearly an hour away, but since it was raining (and the place only costs 7 bucks to use), we figured it was as good a way to spend the day as any and I’m glad we did. We had the whole place to ourselves and Noa had a blast!

We’ve seen some remarkable shifts in Noa in the past few weeks; the kinds of things that seems so small but are in fact enormous. Last week, while sitting with me, she heard Ben running the blender in the kitchen and signed and said “Daddy cooking.” I know it doesn’t sound like much, until now, Noa would never use words or signs simply to make an observation (only burps and farts were worth marking with commentary, because they are tremendously funny). And to observe that someone is in another room doing something… that’s just not something she has ever noticed – you’re in another room, you might as well be on the moon!

Noa learns to do it herself

This seemingly simple comment was – for Noa – a remarkable moment of putting concepts and observations together in a whole new way!

Then yesterday, after finishing up at the pool at the Fernald Center, Noa and I were walking to the car when Noa – without any encouragement or comment from me said “Happy.” Noa will occasionally say “Happy Day” if you ask her directly if it’s a Happy Day. But to simply comment on her emotional state????? Conceptually, this is a whole new way of using language, and one that deepens her ability to connect with others.

Noa also seems to be doing a lot better with understanding what we’re saying to her, which is interesting but of course it makes sense. For example, at the nearby playground last week were walking across a bridge that bounces and when I told her it was a “Bouncy Bridge” she immediately started trying to bounce. In the past, I would have had to start the bouncing. In every way she seems to be more actively initiating action/communication.

All of this made for a great day at the Sensory Gym. We’d been there once before, but this time Noa had a lot more fun because it was easier for her to understand how we were asking her to use some the items that were new to her. And she LOVED the standing swing. As you can see in the video below when I tell her to stand up she really gets what I’m asking her to do.

After the gym we went to a Panera Bread, which was also a huge event – it used to be that going into these kinds of places with Noa was a real trial, but she was great. We ended up at a booth right by the garbage can… which is loved because people made a lot of noise busing their dishes and throwing things away. Guess there is a favorite seat for everyone!


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