Noa is cheerful girl with a silly sense of humor and infectious laugh. She can shine like a brilliant ray of sunshine, or be stubborn and willful as an angry goat.

Due to what the doctors assume was massive bi-lateral prenatal stroke, Noa was born blind (cortical vision impairment) and with a number of developmental delays. She is mostly non-verbal, cannot walk unassisted, has hearing processing issues and numerous sensory issues. Noa communicates chiefly through sign language, though also with gestures and approximations of words.

Noa is currently the subject of photographer Tayla Arbisser’s remarkable ongoing project “Seeing with Eyes.” This 10-year project, which started in 2009, brought Talya (known to Noa as the Clicky-Lady) into every aspect of our lives, she even came out to Idaho!

You can see some of Talya’s beautiful work here: http://photosbytalya.arbisser.com/#!/index
Or check out Paper City (Houston): http://bit.ly/17RNUvq for an article featuring the photo of Noa (at Gold Forks Hot Spring in Idaho) that won first-place prize at the 2012 Visual Arts Alliance show in Houston.


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