Today was the Holiday Jubilee at Perkins; a fantastic all day affair for families and students in the Deaf Blind Program and, as expected, Noa had a great time. The day started with coffee and donuts for the parents, and then a holiday market place featuring lots of gifty items made by kids in the program (in great part to support the senior class trip – yes, they do a senior class trip!)

But the big fun was a fantastic lunch with friends and family in the gorgeous, huge hall in the main building which looked so much like the lunch room at Hogwarts that I was half expecting Dumbledore to appear and start pulling dorm assignments out of his hat.

Of course the bearded man was Santa, and he was handing out some terrific gifts that had been donated from a wishlist that the staff made with specific selections for each student. Noa has never been a big fan of Santa, but she did okay (they’d been prepping her). Santa introduced himself, Noa felt his beard and then very calming told him bye-bye-bye. He gave her a big wrapped box and she pushed it away and said “finished.” And that’s really the best she’s ever done with him so we were totally thrilled. Noa got a mini-keyboard, which was perfect for her.

As you’ll see in the photos Noa is dressed up for the occasion (repurposed her Halloween costume, which as really just a party dress from Target). Noa loves getting dressed up because people telling her she’s beautiful and she really likes that. In fact sometimes she’d just stop and point at the dress to remind us she was wearing it, AND much to our shock was wearing nail polish! I asked how they got her to stay still long enough for it to dry. They said it took a few tries.

After lunch and Santa the kids went back to their classrooms for some rest time, and the parents stumbled off for some rest time at home. It was an amazing day and yet another reminder of how incredibly fortunate we are to have Noa in such a remarkable setting, surrounded by such amazing people. Magical.


2 thoughts on “Santa!

  1. Noa looks so great! So happy that everything is going well! Merry Christmas to you all! It looks like exciting things will be happening in the New Year! About the grass???? The Blythedale playground had artificial grass and she was very interested in that.

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