How’s She Doing?

My next post will finish up our Pneumonia Adventure, but so many folks have asked me how Noa is doing so I want to report back on that and share this fabulous video with you all as proof of her quick recovery.

Noa went back to school last Sunday, and though she was a bit slowed down and tired for the first day or two, was in fine spirits and really enjoying the return to school and cottage life. But she very quickly seems to have recovered her stamina and on Friday, after school, spent more than an hour in the pool!

In this video you can see what a great time she is having jumping around in the pool with her BFF Joy Lynn.


2 thoughts on “How’s She Doing?

  1. I was at the NYS AER conference in Albany yesterday and visited the Perkins booth and attended a Perkins session. I’m always so impressed by their expertise and all they have to offer. I am so happy that Noa is thriving on their campus and hope to have the chance soon to visit.

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