Stickering for the Cause

Today Noa did her first charitable work today, making Thanksgiving Cards for folks served by the Meals on Wheels program here in NYC. Our building had actually set it up as a day of service activity in the Community Room, and we thought it might be an activity that Noa would enjoy – and actually particpate in. Btw, if you check out the little furry hands around her neck, she insisted on bring her stuffed monkey which hung around her neck for the whole thing.

It turned out to make for a great family event. We walked to the community – Noa walking and holding our hands, which is her favorite way to walk with Mommy and Daddy. I think she thought we were just going to the swings, so she was a little confused when we went into the community room. Initially she signed “potty” – perhaps she thought that was why we went inside, but when we got to the potty she didn’t have to go. Back in the room she seemed to be angry at first. She didn’t want to feel the table or the chair and started to stomp and complain immediately, but we picked her up and put her in the chair and just keep going. Eventually we were able to interest her in having us trace her hand with a crayon. She also trying drawing a circle and star and a triangle with me. But when we found these stickers… that’s when it started to be some real fun for Noa.

Noa actually ended up making four or five cards. A few with crayons (and added support from Mommy and Daddy) and a few with just stickers. Then we walked to the swings and did that for a while. And we walked back home. Noa had a great time and so did we.


One thought on “Stickering for the Cause

  1. oh my gosh jeni, she is so grown up and has changed so much!!! I haven't been on the blog world for a while so it is SO amazing to see all the advances she has made 🙂 YAY

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