Noa on Parade

Just a couple of photos from our building Halloween Parade (thanks to Melissa who helped Noa get dressed up and took her down the parade – because I had to teach until 5:30 – and who took the photo of the three of us!)

They started the parade later this year, which probably made it easier for lots of parents – including me – but made for a dark parade with not a lot of great photo opps. Noa was a colorful Witch and I was proud of her for wearing her Witch Hat for the whole thing. She did about half of it with her walker and half holding our hands (which I think she likes better). She was clearly tired from whatever they did at school for Halloween so after a walk around the garden and a little play time she was very ready to go to bed (we usually visit a Halloween party down the hall after the parade).

I love the photo with the three of us because it looks like she is pushing Daddy away so she can walk on her own. But in truth, I think she is just reaching out to make sure he’s still there.

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